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    Behind the scenes we've been working tirelessly to create a new and exciting freelancer experience. Aftermath's economy is no different. Here's a sneak peak at our latest development, a new Freelancer economy development tool: EcoUtility.

    The adjustable formula built into the framework will allow for adjustable profit curves which can be applied to individual routes. Now physical obstacles in the virtual world can be properly reflected in the buy and sell prices throughout the universe. Trade routes will no longer be required to adhere to one universal profit distribution, but will be noticeably different with their own unique flavour. And thanks to the automation of much of the economy development process, we will be able to create and adjust routes in a fraction of the time.

    With the EcoUtility in hand we will work tirelessly to craft new and innovative trading and smuggling routes that will add to the immersive aftermath experience.

    Credits: @Nepo, @Ash and @Laz
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    Good stuff.
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