As you'd expect, we are getting a lot of questions in at the moment. To save us answering the same questions over and over, this thread will contain the most asked questions so we can quickly point people to the answers they seek. Feel free to ask questions here or on our Discord. Need to find an answer quickly? Use Crtl + F and search : )

Let's begin.

General Mod Questions

Q: When will the mod be released?
A: We cannot commit to a release date as of yet, but we are currently being very productive and making great progress on the mod. We have a lot of developers and all are working hard to get it closer to a playable state. The more the better.

Q: Are you reworking vanilla content that much, or are you sticking to vanilla as closely as possible?
A: The answer is a bit of both. We are majorly reworking a lot of the connections within Freelancer to better enhance gameplay and add more focus on a multiplayer setting, which Freelancer wasn't really designed around.

The biggest example of this is a total rework of Kusari's systems, as let's be honest: Kusari's structure is a mess. Plans also include a total gutting of the FL interface, and replacing it with the new system we've developed. To actually answer the question, 'yes but only for gameplay purposes'; the story will be what we consider a logical continuation without much in the way of wild changes.

General Community Questions

Q: Where will the servers be hosted?
A: We don't know at current, but it's likely they will be in France or Germany.

Q: Is swearing going to be allowed?
A: Swearing in role play will be allowed if it fits with the current context and isn't excessive. Outside of role play we'll be following a more 'moral' rule set. It's okay when used for effect, but if used in rage or used to belittle/insult someone, that'll raise some eyebrows.

Q: Will official Player factions be a thing?
A: Yes. Groups of players will be able to band together and work towards getting their group recognised as an official representative of an NPC faction. However, we've decided that no group can claim an NPC faction. The way it will work is a OF will represent a major part of the NPC faction, but wont have total creative control over the faction's direction. That's a can of worms we don't want to go near.

Q: Will 'Player IDs' be a thing inside of Aftermath?
A: Yes, each player will be forced to carry an ID with them that determines the rule set of a ship / character. It's however more complicated than just that, as the indentifier will be used to determine the capabilities of a player within the scope of mechanics (i.e. being able to claim certain bounties, or use certain UI features).

Q: Will there be 'Technerfs' and 'Rephacks'?
A: We will probably include these features, but there are chances we will adjust the way they work and function.

Systems + Playercount

Q: Will new systems be added?
A: Yes. However, the majority of these new systems will be dead-ends, alternate routes, or simply off-the-beaten-path systems that don't add to the transit time of major routes in any particular way. We understand that we'll need to cater to a rather limited player-base with an already expansive universe, and we don't intend to add to that area unnecessarily.

Q: Will Aftermath have X system from vanilla?
A: Unless a system development blog down the line states otherwise, our plan is to ship with every vanilla system intact, save perhaps a few of the campaign-only systems (i.e., the stxx series; Omicron Major, the Dyson City, etc.)

Q: How will you ensure sufficient player density?
A: The easiest solution would just be "have enough players", but that's a luxury we can't simply ask for and obtain. Instead, we're looking into a few different solutions - streamlining connections where possible to increase the density of players on the larger routes; offering new PvE and solo / small team gameplay mechanics that don't necessarily rely on a large or adversarial player base; and reworking vanilla systems, where necessary, to provide for more "hotspots" in-system so to speak.

Content + Balance

Q: Will Aftermath have playable capital ships?
A: Yes.

Q: Will X weapon / Y ship / Z faction be in Aftermath?
A: Any questions about specific content - mainly ships and weapons - being in the mod at this time can't be given a realistic answer. Development right now is focused on story development, system overhauls and major mechanical updates.

Q: How will fighters be balanced? Will bombers exist? How will Capital Ships work?
A: As above, it's simply too early to say definitively. We are aware of the problems and concerns people have with various systems across mods, and we're looking into finding the right people and solutions to ensure we offer a system that pleases the most people.

Q: Will Aftermath have two, four, or eight-directional strafing?
A: Depending on the findings of the balance team, this answer may change - but most likely four directional, as it strikes a balance between player control with ease of balance.

Q: Will PoBs, cloaks, jump drives, etc. exist?
A: We plan on having various types of special equipment available; whether or not cloaks and jump drives make that list is still up for discussion. PoBs are a contentious topic and one that will also require serious internal debate, so we don't have a satisfactory answer for you at this time.

Story + Player Involvement

Q: Will X happen in the story? What will happen with Y?
A: Story is in an ever changing state, and we are not ready announce much of what we're committed to as of yet. You can feel free to ask a more specific question, but we cannot promise story questions will get a clear answer. Keep an eye out for the Story Brief and story development blogs in the near future.

Q: How much influence will players have on the story? Will this mod have 'player-driven' story?
A: Like a lot of things, this is something neither definitively set in stone nor easy to answer. The short answer is that players will have an impact on story. We believe this is somewhat quintessential for a roleplaying server, to give stakes and reason to player involvement in the environment. That being said, unchecked player involvement could very well lead to an incoherent storyline, and in such ways there will always need to be some level of developer involvement in shaping and moulding these interactions.

Q: Will you be allowing furries or other creatures / imports within your mod's universe?
A: Imports will be disallowed, and anything else must effectively follow the rule of "does this make sense in the Freelancer universe". There will be an actual clarification with examples when we get the rules post up, closer to our release.

Q: Are Nomads or the Order playable?
A: Nomads and the Order, at present, will not be playable or have an active presence within the game. We are contemplating using them as an event tool to restore a bit of their fear and mystery, but as it stands, they will not be present within Aftermath. The story involving both the Nomads and the Order was told to completion in Freelancer, and our mod constitutes but an example of its next narrative arc, focusing on a different set of players. Post-War, the Nomads are left in the shadows and the Order left without a threat to give them a mandate. More of this will be expanded upon in story briefs to come, so stay tuned.

Q: Is the Primus / Gammu easter egg remaining? Will AI be playable?
A: While "Omicron Kappa" / Unknown (ew05) will remain in game, the existence of both the Primus monkeys and Gammu AI will be ret-conned entirely. No AI faction will exist on launch, and while we don't plan on explicitly banning AI characters, we don't plan on developing any AI NPC factions at this time.

Support-related Questions

Q: Will this mod cause crashes if I try to play another mod like Discovery or Crossfire?
A: No. The saving system has been overhauled and there shouldn't be conflict with other mods.

Q: I cannot register/login to the forums on Firefox. I keep getting disconnection messages.
A: In the address bar type "about:config" and change the preference network.http.sendRefererHeader from whatever it is set as to '2'.